Join one or all of our incredible MOVEMENT Leaders.

Each offers a unique and diverse experience. Coming from all parts of the world uniting in the same mission. Each instructor is specialized in a range of international rhythms and will offer you an experience you won’t forget. This is not just another “Group Fitness” class or studio.

New Classes


We encourage and implement five key daily strategies for success:

Fitness itself will only contribute 20% towards your health goals, the other 80% comes from proper nutrition.

That’s why we find it important to incorporate proper nutrition into any fitness program and do it with a 100% positive mindset.

We offer 30 minutes group and 1-on-1 complimentary consultations to assist in customizing a fitness and nutrition programs that will best meet all your individual needs and goals.

We’re not a gym! We’re a combination of nutrition and fitness!

Every member of our team is a health coach and avid advocate of health and wellbeing.

We pride ourselves on having our own unique and genuine story to share and each coach has their own unique flare. ante volutpat volutpat and ulla facilisi.

We strongly believe in the power of community support and collaboration and are very open to reaching out and sharing our knowledge with others in the community.

The Club Features

1. Zumba
“feel the rhythm”

Latin beats rhythms and easy to follow steps. Formulated into an awesome workout that will get you sweating on the dance floor guaranteed.

2. Zumba Toning
“where dance and strength meet”

Come drum it up, just like in Zumba, using body sculpting techniques with specific moves that are going to build strength and tone in all the right places, using the Zumba Maraca weights.

3. ZumFit /Dance Fit
“dance your way into fitness”

A fusion of latin beats, squats, lunges and arm combos. These classes are perfect for toning muscles and getting a varied workout full of dance and simple body weight exercises.