4 Week Fit Challenge!  

It is ongoing continuously back to back months to promote a Healthy Active Lifestyle!




1. All ages, genders and fitness levels
2. 45 minutes sessions with very easy and simple exercises (boxing, cardio and body weights)
3. It is brand new to Vancouver!
4. The challenge gives you 8 sessions for the 4 weeks!
5. You receive a Nutrition Plan provided in the  package!
6. Lose weight, gain muscle mass or just be healthier and more active!
7. You receive a health coach who will follow you up to help you with your goals!
8. To meet new people who are looking to be more healthy and active also
9. Most importantly to make a health change and get in the best shape of you life
10. Enter a private Facebook group to share healthy nutritional ideas and health tips!

24 Fit Challenge

We have taken nutrition to the next level, it’s not just about working out. Get connected with this community to experience a healthier and more active lifestyle!

Click me to learn more about your challenge !

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